Get To Know Ricardo (Rich) Aguilar

Ricardo (Rich) Aguilar is a Northern California native that resides in Valparaiso, IN.

About me! Photography isn’t a trend or something to do. It’s my passion, and I hope you see that within the frames of my pictures. I desire to capture the real, raw, beautiful and messy side of life. 

My creativity started at a very early age. My grandmother would take my siblings and me to the theater. There I fell in love with drama and acting, the symphony, the sets, and lights. It amazed me, and as a little boy, I would dream of myself being on that stage. I’d study movie posters and watch films through the frames. I’d wonder how they made that scene, everything from the lighting to the special effects.

As I got older, I stumbled unto Photoshop, and the rest you could say is history. I began building my side business with graphic design, then motion graphics, then video and now photography. The ability to capture a story or a moment is what drives me. I strive to do what the filmmakers do, capture life within the frame. 

Along this journey, I discovered the essential things in my life. First, my faith in Jesus Christ. Over the past fifteen plus years, I’ve pastored and ministered in many areas, If photography is my passion then helping people is my heart. Secondly, my dear wife and children. My family is what brings me the most joy in my life.  Without these things, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

My heart is full because I’m doing what I love with the people that I love. 


At this current time, I am not offering workshops, but that doesn't mean that I won't start scheduling some this Summer as demand increases. If you're a budding photographer and want to take your photography to the next level leave me a message and I'd love to connect with you.

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