Ricardo (Rich) Aguilar is a Northern California native that resides in Valparaiso, IN.

I’m a husband, a father to 3 amazing kids and I love photography. You won’t find me taking myself seriously because life is just too darn short. I love laughing, being around happy people, gorgeous sunsets, the beach and great restaurants. Seriously, point me to the nearest taco. I love what I do! I don’t work a day in my life because I’m privileged to capture memories for a living. How cool is that? If I could sum up who I am, I’m your closest friend that you invited to your wedding who just so happens to be a professional wedding photographer.

My heart is full because I’m doing what I love with the people that I love. 

Rich & Crystal Aguilar ( Husband & Wife Team of Aguilar Photography )

Rich & Crystal Aguilar ( Husband & Wife Team of Aguilar Photography )

Ask yourself, "What is holding me back?" 2018 was a good year but I'm looking for 2019 to be even better! Stop settling and start making it happen. It's time to make the future ours!

I’ve traveled across the globe with stops in India and South Africa! Watch my short video!

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Every once in a while I gather up some friends and have fun!