Love Captured On The Beach

Growing up in the amazing Bay Area of Northern California, you get used the the Pacific Ocean. Almost like it's the small lake in your backyard. So many memories of bonfires on the beaches of San Francisco staying up until the break of dawn. Days were much simpler then. I can still smell and feel the ocean sometimes. Remembering how the cool Pacific breeze would blow through my hair. Let me tell you, there's no need to go to Hawaii for a sunset. All you need is a beach chair, your favorite drink and some friends and you'll get the best sunset view every time. 

Fast forward eighteen years and I find myself in Indiana, living next to the biggest body of water in America, Lake Michigan. You can say I traded one body of water for another. Or you can just agree with me that the beach is still my favorite place. I just recently finished up yet another beach photo shoot and I couldn't have been happier. 

We were worried about the weather and we raced from the first location (a farm) to the beach, watching as the clouds got darker and darker. We pull up and make our way to the beach only to feel the beginning of rain drops falling on our heads... Isn't that a song? Worried but determined we stuck it out for about 15 minutes as the clouds lightened just a bit and broke apart. What we saw next was pure magic.

Both Sabine and Emmitt stood to take in the golds, the purples, the blues, and oranges. The Sun hitting perfectly to give us what could only be described as a cinematic moment to perfect to not be photographed. And so we did...

As the clouds gave way and the sun began to lower, we beheld a light that made all around us pause, pull out their phones, and capture what Sabine and Emmitt were capturing. This wasn't an engagement session, this was a love story being written right in front of a small crowd's eye as they watched this gorgeous couple play in the sunset.

They laughed and they loved. As the sun drew closer to the horizon our magical night was coming to a close. As Cinderella's coach would quickly turn to a pumpkin at the chime of midnight, so did our evening once our friend the sun got lost beyond the horizon. So many memories, so many pictures, so many moments captured on this amazing beach. With the sunset fading and the lake waving, two lovers kissed as their moment ended. 

Our evening ended in a beautiful way but one thing is for certain. The love I witnessed on this beach will never end. In fact, I believe it is more beautiful than any sunset I've seen... And if you know me, you know I've seen a few... 

Goodbye Sabine and Emmitt! Until the next sunset.