Your Ultimate Guide To Your Perfect Wedding Day Timeline!


Having a perfect wedding day timeline is crucial to having a smooth running wedding. Are you wanting to have a carefree wedding day? Then let’s get to it!

Step #1) Pick a venue that you are IN LOVE WITH so you don’t have to travel to take great photos!

There are a lot of venues, hundreds in your local area. They might range from the super fancy to the small and cute cottages. Not putting off your venue search will help TONS with getting the timeline and photos you want. Otherwise, you’ll settle for a venue that you’re not in love with and time will get eaten up driving to locations. Find a venue and find it early.

Step #2). Plan your timeline with your PHOTOGRAPHER!

Your photographer is worried about capturing your memories the best way possible. To NOT include him/her on the planning of your wedding timeline may result in not getting the type of photos you’re dreaming about. Photographers are masters of light and they know the best time of day to get the most memorable photos. If your wedding planner is gun-hoe and takes the bull by the horns, just make sure that your photographer has a chance to view the timeline in enough time they can suggest changes if need be.

Step #3) Plan around golden hour and work backwards! 

This time of day changes throughout the seasons but knowing when golden hour hits is super important. You’re going to want golden sunsets in your wedding photos. Imagine the most beautiful sunset behind you, yes, schedule your portrait session with your future spouse around that time of day and work the details backwards. Brides who don’t plan ahead for this miss out on the most magical light the earth could give them. Leaving them with having to take portraits inside the venue (which might not be all bad depending on the venue). Unless your wedding photographer knows how to use Off-Camera Flash you’re going to get bland photos. So, the first thing to schedule on your wedding day is your golden hour sunset portraits!

Step #4) Schedule important photos before the ceremony, NOT after.

A list of important photos to get before the ceremony starts:

• . Shot of wedding invitation

  • Bride(s) and bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done

  • Dress hanging, jewelry laid out, shoes etc.

  • Bouquets and buttonholes/corsages

  • Bride(s) putting on dress/veil with help from mother of the bride or bridesmaids

  • Bridal party having fun

  • Close up of dress details

  • Putting on jewelry

  • Putting on shoes

  • Close up of bride holding bouquet

  • Mother and bride portrait

  • Father and bride portrait

  • Family shots

  • Bride(s) spending moment alone

  • Bridal party walking down stairs/leaving the house

  • Bride and father in wedding car/walking to ceremony

  • Groom(s) and groomsmen getting ready

  • Groom(s) spending moment alone

  • Wedding ring shots

Step #5) Don’t schedule toasts, dances, or other events during dinner. Schedule them BEFORE dinner is served!

You want the most amazing photos possible, trust me, I get it! For that to happen I suggest that you do your toasts, cake cutting, and thank you’s before dinner (right after you show up to the reception hall). Why? I’ve seen the trendy thing of couples doing these things during the dinner coarse and it ALWAYS becomes difficult to reign your guests in to listen. Give your guests time to unwind and enjoy your new spouse at the sweetheart table. Don’t rush your evening. Also, it gives your vendors a chance to breath. Being a vendor and have the ability to eat after working for 8 hours straight is so needed.

If you can follow these simple suggestions you’ll have the best wedding timeline and photos possible. 

I would love to talk with you more about your wedding day! Interested in booking Aguilar Photography for your wedding? Let’s connect!