3 Things To Consider When Hiring Your Wedding Photographer


The search for your wedding photographer is not one to take lightly. No doubt you've already started scouring the internet and asking friends who you should hire! It's a big deal. After talking with my brides and many more, I've come up with three things you may want to know or ask your potential wedding photographer. 

Once you've decided that you want to sit down and meet with a photographer for the first time, the first thing you should know is.

#1). "Are you going to get along with them?"

Far too many times I've seen brides and photographers rush into a contract without really getting to know each other. The bride is so excited to find someone in their budget or whose work they like that they book them as quickly as possible. Many times I've heard of how either the bride or the photographer are not able to get along and the wedding day experience turns into something it shouldn't. So, when you're sitting down with your photographer see if they have people skills. Ask questions about them. Are they asking questions about you and trying to get to know you? Do you feel relaxed with them? Are they able to answer your questions clearly and friendly? Your photographer shouldn't just be someone who takes pictures; they should be good with people too! You want someone who is helpful and can get along with family when the pressure is on. If you don't get this vide from them when you sit down with them, RUN AWAY!

#2). Are They Confident?

Ask the process of how the day is going to unfold with your photographer. A seasoned wedding photographer has a consistent plan that they use throughout the day for every wedding. Sometimes circumstances change the routine, even still, they'll be able to adapt and make sure they get back on track. Are they able to confidently tell you what to expect? Are their answers clear and concise? Can you tell that they've done this before? If not, I would suggest putting a pin on booking with them and connecting with a couple of other photographers. You want an artist who is in control on your wedding day, not someone who goes with the flow. But will make sure things are moving smoothly so that you get the coverage you deserve!

#3). Do They Know How To Shoot In Dark Light?

This might be an overstatement, but 90% of wedding photographers are "natural light" photographers. Many if not most don't have a night time or poorly lit room process. Meaning that your reception and or ceremony pics will be super dark and grainy. If your wedding is outside during the daytime and your reception is outside as well, then this won't apply to you. However, if you're wedding & reception is going to be indoors then you'll need a photographer who knows how to use lighting along with on camera and off camera flash.

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This, in my opinion, is the difference that separates the top wedding photographers from the rest. Many successful wedding photographers struggle with low lighting. Having a photographer that understands lighting and can crush it when needed is a game changer! 

If you're able to get all three of these things in your meeting with your photographer, then book them now! Not only are they going to take great photos for you but will go the extra mile and add a ton of value to your wedding day.