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3 Things To Consider When Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

The search for your wedding photographer is not one to take lightly. No doubt you've already started scouring the internet and asking friends who you should hire! It's a big deal. After talking with my brides and many more, I've come up with three things you may want to know or ask your potential wedding photographer. 

Once you've decided that you want to sit down and meet with a photographer for the first time, the first thing you should know is.

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Amanda + Adhnan's Chicago Wedding

This wedding was literally magical. Everything from the bride and groom to their families. The day was filled with laughter, a ton of laughter and super fun memories. Adhnan's family flew in from all over the world. It really was a world-wide affair! We found ourselves in downtown Chicago at the Whyndam Hotel and Resort, it's right by the riverwalk across from the Trump Tower. there truly wasn't a bad spot to photograph this couple. 

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Emily + Tyler's Indiana Wedding | Sand Creek Country Club

It was just days before NWI (Northwest Indiana) was going to reach temperatures that would make it colder, if only for 3 days, then Mount Everest. You read that right, NWI was colder than Mount Everest. At least for this day it was cold but not record breaking cold. I start every wedding the same, I arrive early and start working on the details. I use to hate shooting details. Now, they’re some of my most anticipated photos. I love them! After I connected with Emily I grabbed the wedding rings and began to shoot them as they were people themselves.

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The Wedding Of Steve + Jessica

It was a Mid-September day. Clear skies and eighty degree weather, the humidity was in full force. the venue was Ogden Gardens, a beautiful place to get married. The day started at the bride’s Grandmother’s house, lushes backyard with bright greenery, and a super cool garage with a corvette! I began to get my detail shots of the dress, rings, shoes and the day went of from there.

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