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Emily + Tyler's Indiana Wedding | Sand Creek Country Club

It was just days before NWI (Northwest Indiana) was going to reach temperatures that would make it colder, if only for 3 days, then Mount Everest. You read that right, NWI was colder than Mount Everest. At least for this day it was cold but not record breaking cold. I start every wedding the same, I arrive early and start working on the details. I use to hate shooting details. Now, they’re some of my most anticipated photos. I love them! After I connected with Emily I grabbed the wedding rings and began to shoot them as they were people themselves.

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Your Ultimate Guide To Your Perfect Wedding Day Timeline!

Having a perfect wedding day timeline is crucial to having a smooth running wedding. Are you wanting to have a carefree wedding day? Then let’s get to it!

Step #1) Pick a venue that you are IN LOVE WITH so you don’t have to travel to take great photos!

There are a lot of venues, hundreds in your local area. They might range from the super fancy to the small and cute cottages. Not putting off your venue search will help TONS with getting the timeline and photos you want. Otherwise, you’ll settle for a venue that you’re not in love with and time will get eaten up driving to locations. Find a venue and find it early.

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